So, it's Friday night, and every alchoholic across the globe is celebrating St. Patrick's day. I'm no different. Having gone through a pretty busy week myself, I needed a break badly.

Good thing for me a buddy of mine worked a few blocks down the road, so I met up with him for a quick dinner, followed by some serious St. Patrick's day celebratin'. We took his car and headed out to the West side of downtown Toronto - an area I'm not too familiar with - hoping to find a nice place to chill.

Despite all our efforts, we ended up in a McDonald's parking lot. First, there weren't too many places to hang out in downtown west. Second, people were starting to act weird. I guess that's what happens when the sun goes down, all the homeless and nocturnal people come out (sorta reminds me of the classic Tarantino horror flick 'From Dusk Till Dawn' a few years back). Anyway, so while inside the parking lot, we decided to check out a bar across the street, where a homeless white guy was shouting obscenities at nobody. Inside the bar, we were greeted by a bunch of 50-yr olds - time to get out.

Back in the car, looking for another place to eat, we ended up going to the east end for some Vietnamese food at Pho88. When we parked the car, a homeless Chinese guy walked up to me, wide-eyed and holding out a dirty cap. I kinda felt sorry for this guy, and also I didn't want him to harass us or damage the car or something, so I gave him a few bucks and shoo-ed him away. Funny thing was, after dinner, he came up to me again, with that same wide-eyed stare and started asking for money, at which time I had no change left. I couldn't help but crack up - man, this guy has some seriously bad memory. But I gotta give him credit though, asking the same person for money twice.

Finally, time for some serious drinkin'. We ended up going to some pub/bar on Front St. near Loose Moose (I'll try to find the bar's name) where we join a larger table and started chatting with four out-of-town folks. The place was literally packed, and there was much pushing and shoving and beer-spilling and unavaoidable body-rubbing. But alas, I was able to order my drink, a cold, tall glass of dark Guinness :)

So we all started chatting and later we were joined by two more Waterloo friends (one of whom was a former classmate). Then there was the ordeal with the pitcher of beer. See, what happened was, everybody disappeared half-way through, but they left their coats in the bar, so I took a brief walk outside to check things out. And then came the third homeless guy for the night, some crazed black guy who was quite discontent with white folks. Oh well, let him be. If you're familiar with that area, you must've seen him before - he wears a green coat and a yellow cap, hanging outside Loose Moose everyday, chatting with everyone who walks by.

By the time everyone got back inside, the pitcher of beer was gone. We argued with the waitressses and spoke to the manager, but all was cool, and we got another pitcher. When the beer was gone, everybody's kinda tired and we all called it a night.

And so that's how I spent my St. Patrick's day.

p.s. I also got a green Guinness hat, much to the dismay of my girlfriend ;)