I've been extremely busy the past few days, and I haven't got around to posting anything new on my blog. Anyway, I've spotted some very interesting things this week that's worth noting:
  1. About 1 in 10 cars in downtown Toronto are Porsches. I was at an intersection where the first three cars were Porsches.
  2. On GO buses that have three pairs of wheels (one front / two rear), the last pair of wheels turn with the bus!!!
  3. Deers love golf courses
  4. People keep putting feet up on GO train seats despite the warning signs and announcements
  5. People run to their cars in GO parking lots in hopes of beating the lineup at the intersection
  6. GO train locomotives are extreme noisy. I like trains!
  7. People submerge themselves in cigarette smoke daily walking between Union and Union GO
  8. Commercial airplanes make U-turns above Centennial GO prior to landing at YYZ