I was browsing through car magazines at the local Gateway Newstand when I came across a review of the new Lexus IS250. Lately, I have heard so much buzz about the redesigned IS series, which sparked an interest in finding out how it fared against the competition. Well, the review was simple - too simple. It only read "Missing something intangible." I'm not exactly sure what the reviewer had in mind, but it was undeniably catchy.

Today, as I walked across a major intersection in downtown Toronto, a black Lexus IS was stopped at the lights. The driver had absolutely the most expressionless face I've ever seen. I don't think it could not have been because of waiting at the light for too long. Was he not happy with his new toy? Perhaps the car did not live up to his expectations? Then I thought, there was definitely something missing in the picture - something... intangible!