I spent most of my Saturday morning running around, picking up miscellaneous stuff, getting ready to drive to Waterloo in the afternoon to meet up with my gf. My gf is in 1st year Optometry, and each year Optometry students attend their annual ball (aptly named EyeBall, clever!) at this time of the year. So there, I had some nice steak, a few drinks, and met 70% of Canada's most talented and brightest future Optometrists :)

My gf 'informed' me last time when I took her to the Engineering GradBall that guys were supposed to get the girl a gift, typically a corsage. So, being the *caring* bf that I am (wink), I got her a really nice corsage with two yellow roses to match my yellow tie (which I bought specifically for the occasion... which I eventually spilled steak gravy on). Funny though, she ended up being the only girl to wear a corsage that night. I feel proud :p